Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Best. Ever. Jimmy Fallon VS Adam Levine.

I actually never wanted this to stop. 

So freaking hilarious.

Big ups to Jo for sharing this with me. 

Reading:: Gone Girl

It's been a long time since I tore through a book.

That drought is over. 

I read Gone Girl in less than three days. It was that good. That page turning. That action packed, psychologically compelling, easy to read, crazy good. 

I'd heard people talking about this book - but it wasn't until I saw the trailer for the film that I thought I better get my roller-skates on. I had to read it before I saw it on the big screen.

Right from the get go I was absorbed into this book. About a marriage turned sour, and written from the two differing perspectives of a married couple, Nick and Amy, fired from their respective magazines - and life spirals from their. It all starts on their fifth wedding anniversary - when Amy goes missing. In case you didn't read the cover - it's a thriller, and it's fast-paced - it's so good I didn't want it to end. 

The film is set to be released soon. But read the book first. It's really super good. 

Gone Girl from Booktopia $13.95

* Reading is all about what I'm reading. It's not sponsored. It's simply me, reading a book and sharing with you. A book club of sorts. I've read three books this year. This is three more than I did last year.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tory Burch for FitBit

So I was doing some FitBit research the other day to get myself back motivated to exercise when I discovered that Tory Burch has done a collab - and this is the result. 

Holy cow. Fitness just got fab. Well more fab than fitness can be. It got fashionable. It got glam. Oh I don't know. It just got a heck of a lot cooler. Look at this collab for goodness sakes. 

I've long written about how fickle I am when it comes to fitness. And that if I have something new, something exciting to wear - I am more likely to go and move my body. You can only imagine my glee. 

When a luxury lifestyle brand such as Tory Burch works with FitBit - I think it's time I put my pedal to the metal, and got out moving. 

With three pieces to the collection: the open fretwork pendant (my favourite), the brass hinged bracelet and the silicone printed bracelet - there's definitely something to suit a range of styles. I imagine these pieces will fit seamlessly into everyday so no one need even know you're ravenously counting your steps. 

Speaking of which - definitely read this piece by David Sedaris about his obsession with his FitBit. Funniest article EVER. 

Shop now

Friday, 5 September 2014

Film Review:: Begin Again

I don't get out much. Which is a damn shame because it shifts my equilibrium and realigns my chakras, and whatever else positive stuff I can say about it - it's good juju. 

So yesterday after my parenting/school note meltdown I took my sorry ass off to the movies to see Begin Again. 

Why? So I could get lost in someone else's world for a while. 

I've been wanting to see this film for a while, so was secretly glad there was barely anyone else in the cinema so I could really get into it (side note: chip packets should be banned from coming in. And no I don't want to hear you crunching on your choc top).

It's good. It's really good. I am a huge Keira Knightley fan, and though I'm not so sure about Adam Levine -  he played his part well. Or maybe he's not playing a role at all. I am however completely smitten with Mark Ruffalo whose goofy good looks always win my heart. Gosh I love that man. 

The story is good. The music is good. The cast is excellent. I really, really loved it. 

It's a beautiful study of the frailties of life. The lows. The highs. And the in between moments.

And Keira Knightley has a really great voice. 

Definitely go see it.

I give it four stars.

Have you seen any good movies lately? 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

This Whole "Working Mum" Palaver.

This is definitely not working for me, this whole working pretty-much-full-time thing. 

Well the working thing is working fine. I go to work, I work. 

But it's the balancing act. It's the endless juggling. It's not death-defying, it's just I am not coping.

So. Many. Notes. And I can't keep up. Our kitchen table is currently covered in notes:
- This note tells me to send it back for tickets (to which both my children are now telling me I am too late and there are no tickets, and no you can't come)
- This one says I'm to sign and send it back and I will be billed in your next set of fees
- The next one wants to know if I can help with face painting
- The other one is telling me what clothes I need to send with the kids for the concert (and PS you'll be billed for the rest of the outfit in the next set of fees)
- You want your kid to learn recorder, right? So sign and send this back and we'll bill you for the aural pleasure
- This one is telling me I haven't paid our fees
- And here's the weekly newsletter - that you have to read just in case, and by the end of the 14 pages (I am not even exaggerating) you realise that one paragraph related to you

I can not keep up. 
I never know what's happening at school. 
I am failing this whole working mum, perfect balance, women can have everything thing. 
I've dropped so many plates I don't even have a bowl to eat breakfast out ofdotcom

Oh you want me to put a positive spin on it? I am failing successfully. 
I am really excelling at being the drop out mum. 

I'm the pariah of the playground. 
Welcome to my public breakdown.

* Neither of these images reflect what our home looks like. Purely for illustrative, meltdown purposes. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ordinary Walks of Life

Fresh days bring so much with them. They're good as a clean piece of paper. Full of promise, they can unfurl in so many ways.

I've managed to pull myself out of bed early to go walks a couple of times this week - I'm up to 75% of my four walk target. I could go into bonus time a la Luigi and Mario. 

On my walks I've been busy observing. With nothing but my mind to occupy me (oh and that magpie that kept trying to swoop me - ice cream bucket anyone?), my eye has been seeking out small beauties. 

Simple beauties. 

They're all around when you're attentive. It's the season when spiders decorate the trees with their weaving. And when Mother Nature leaves a fine mist to highlight them strung up in the branches. They're beautiful artworks, and if you're very careful, you can find them hidden in odd places. 

Or how about an ocean walk when there's no one around. The rain has scared everyone off. It's just you, the sand and the water lapping. The sunrise creeping up, quietly, but the surety is comforting. 

It's my reminder that there are bigger things in life.